Friday, February 27, 2009

day off!

its my day off and i have no plans of doing anything today. i will get some things done, i am just not going to make any plans to do so. our wedding planner has us booked for an appointment on base with someone from the chapel there. i cannot wait. i hope we can get married there and that it is nice. i REALLY want to get married in a church. I do not claim a specific religion or anything, just that i do believe in God, but i have wanted to get married in a church since i first saw that movie "father of the bride" or at least as far back as i can remember... i still have to have my mother call some people and get their addresses so i can finish the guest list. and our planner wants to set up a tasting for the caterer and i have no idea what changes we want or even should make to the menu. on monday we also have to go to fort collins to get my FH's new car stereo installed. i bought it for him for valentines day. he got me earrings, its what we wanted. not typical valentines day gifts but we are happy. and i need to rush my child off to school..

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Heidi said...

Please come to my blog as I have something for you.

Post more often! How have you been? You always seem to be working when I call.