Wednesday, April 25, 2007


Why is it that even if you don't know someone, just knowing they died can make you cry? Maybe it's because we feel the sorrow that a human being has died. Regardless of who they are, it's the fact that we know they were a good person. Or merely, we hear that they were a good person. We learn to hate people individually, but when it comes to humanity as a whole, we feel this self righteousness that comes out. Especially when the human race is in danger. So I guess when we don't know someone and they die, we feel compassion and this single person falls somewhere into that human race theory rather than a single individual. (If I am not making any sense, it's because I am on the phone and trying to type this and carry on the other conversation at the same time. ^_^ ) Or maybe there's another way to look at this? If the person who died means something to someone that you care about, then maybe that's why it makes us sad. This person who died, you may like the work they have done, but you have never met them. Still, the fact that this wonderful (everyone else says they are) person has died, makes you sad. Hmm, I am not really sure of the answers here. I just don't really know a "logical" explanation for this one. Compassion? Sympathy? Must be something like that.. Honestly, this one does not make much sense to me. If you have no reason to be sad over the death of someone that you never knew, then why are you? It just does not make much sense to me... you've never met them, you didn't know them at all in any way, in fact, you didn't even know that they existed until recently! But they died, and meant something to someone that you care about, and the fact that they were pretty decent looking doesn't hurt the cause, but it still makes little logical sense to me. All I can figure is that it has to do something with the human spirit and emotions.

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