Sunday, October 26, 2008

I'm Engaged!!!

So I am getting married again!! I am very excited. We have been dating for four months now but this coming February makes two years that we have known one another. Before dating we talked constantly, either at work, on the phone or when hanging out with our friends. I know that some people say that its a little fast moving, but he is 33 and I am 26. We both want the same things and have everything in common. We do not feel that our relationship is moving too fast and we are happy. There are no rules that say that we have to date forever before he can move in and then we have to be engaged for the next two centuries. That may have been the old fashioned ways, and while some things are timeless, this is not one of them. Times change and everything along with it, including traditions. I've been married before and yes, I will play the "young and stupid card" and I thought I knew what love was. Well one child and one divorce later and many lessons learned the hard way; and I have grown up and realized what real love is and what a relationship is supposed to be and what its not supposed to be. So I know that I really am in love this time and I am ready to be married and have a family life again. Having been through all that I have, as awful as it was, makes me appreciate everything that I do have. This man that I have now, he may not be perfect, but he is just like me and perfect for me in every way. I love him and I do not care what anyone else thinks, we are both old enough and mature enough to know that we are making the right decisions.

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Heidi said...

Good, you should do what makes you happy and fuck what everyone else thinks. Besides if your happy then I am happy! Congrats lil sis!