Tuesday, January 22, 2008

A reason to smile

I finally have something to smile about. A reason if any. I have finally figured out and admitted that i want to be somebody in this life. and what i want to do is write. it is something that i have always wanted to do and something that i have always done in the past. maybe this is the year that i finally get back up on that papyrus and write something. i think i can finally work thru this writers block that i feel i have been dealing with. i am not completely there yet, but i feel like i have made progress. of course i had to google it, the whole writers block and all, but i have a solution and i dont feel so trapped and run dry anymore. there are still some creativity issues going on in my head, but i feel i can work thru those in time. for now, all of that is a minor detail. i am putting my poetry writing aside and i am going to take up the challenge of writing my novels again. who knows, maybe i will get somewhere this time or at least figure out an ending to one of them. we will see where this road goes and where we get to. there have been a few more recent developements in my life, mostly just within myself and not effecting (or affecting? ) anyone else in my life. but its good. change within oneself for the better. maybe this is what they consider "going back to your roots" ? i dont know, i just hope that this all pans out in the end toward something successful.

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Heidi said...

So how is the writing going sis? I'm a little surprised you read my blog since I know no one else in the family does. :) It's nice to hear from you. I find my time in the evenings after everyone has had dinner. :P