Wednesday, February 18, 2009

I realize my blog is out of order and I am going to have several posts for today but its my day off and I really need to catch this thing up. and later i will have to ask my sister how she edited her blog on here because I will admit to not knowing how to add all that cool stuff she has. and yet, i can edit myspace just fine and do all the more complicated stuff with the sims and the sims2 .... dont ask me how that works... o_O anyways, we ordered our cake topper a long time ago, right after we got engaged and my wedding shoes came in last night and i have finally decided what i want our cake to look like. so progress is going well. and the night before last we decided what we wanted our reception decor to be as well. so i am going to post some cake pictures and hopefully i can describe it well enough that it will make sense. and my shoes i ordered are all white high top converse with the words (mrs. "my future last name" ) down the back in blue and i am going to take out the laces and put ribbon in instead. i still have not decided if i want to add lace or anything to them though. so here are some cake pictures... like the one on the left. we want a three layer cake with the fondant swags down it and flowers in the corners and at the top where our cake topper will be. but i want one with more detail and it to have that pearl dust shimmer on it. thats as far as i have gotten but its a major change from before. and i just love this other cake, but its way too big for us. still pretty though. ^_^ and it has that pearl dust on it.

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