Wednesday, February 18, 2009

This is the wedding invitation we are getting. Obviously, those are not our names; we haven't even ordered them yet. We went to a bridal show and got a certificate for 25 percent off and then we know this lady whom i work with that is an authorized seller of these and she is already giving us 25 percent off. so she allowed us to combine the two and we are getting half off! YEAH!! they are through carlson craft invitations. i find it funny that there are blue roses on it and we are doing blue roses too. I think we looked through hundreds of invitations and these are the ones we keep going back to. We finally wrote down the guest list and we are sending out about 65-70 invitations. I cannot believe we know that many people, most of them are family that lives out of town. So there are actually multiple people per invitation. I want my family to come, I miss them. We hired a wedding planner and she is worth every penny. She is trying to find us a church to get married in because I asked her too. So we are waiting on that. Neither of us has claimed a religion, just that we believe in God, so we are waiting to hear back from several churches as to who will marry us and on a sunday evening. and i just realized that i am getting married on a sunday and i was born on a sunday too... yeah, random thought there. deal with it. lol

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Heidi said...

These invites are so cute! Love them and it looks like they were made just for you two!

You know both my DD's and I were born on a Wednesday.