Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Almost there

So our wedding is two and half months away and i keep thinking of all the stuff thats not done and i wonder how in the world it is that we can afford to pay for it. i have to order the bridesmaids shoes. yes, blue converse, but taking the laces out and putting in white ribbon. And then theres both flower girl dresses, my garter, and our cake. What am I forgetting people? I need a vacation from work and my wedding planning. and then i still have to take care of two bridesmaids dresses, its just getting there and getting it done... and I want to get my FH a wedding present, but what? and nobody had better suggest a baby; i want one with him eventually but not that soon. and now he is reading over my shoulder. ^_^ he laughed and walked off about that last line... lol we had our invitations ordered last friday, well, we went and saw the lady on friday and she put the order in on monday but i have to call her back and get the final details of payment. we have a wedding planner and she is fabulous but i have to ask her who pays for what here. i mean, i know that we pay for it all, but she has the money and i dont think it all goes to the vendors, i am hoping she has money set aside for some of the above mentioned things. and i still have yet to get any child support from my ex, he lost his job awhile back and he said that he had his income tax return garnished but i havent seen a penny. and he is supposed to come pick up my son soon for summer and we go back and pick him back up, but i usually use that money to go get him... so i am stressing over that; how to pay for a trip i have to take to pick up my son that has not happened yet... T_T not to mention trying to excercise and lose some weight for this wedding.... can't i just put the world on hold? actually i would prefer my ex just give up his parental rights as he has four kids, but i feel for my son. it would break his heart. anyways, its a wonder that people can deal with so much crap and not go crazy. i will go see the child support people next week and see about giving plasma, it pays, and we could use a little extra money.

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Heidi said...

Congrats sis!! I'm looking forward to those pictures!