Thursday, August 13, 2009

after the wedding

So the wedding is over, it was good and i cried and i couldnt be happier but at the moment i am going to complain about some stuff that wasnt so great just to get it off my chest. first off, we ordered the invitations but forgot about the reception cards that said where the reception was and all those details...apparently our wedding planner did not remember either as she did not say anything about it when she mailed the invitaions... and we forgot to send out cards saying where we were registered as we didnt get that many gifts but the few we did get we love. and then theres the fact that we spent all this money and had people rsvp for a reason and then only half of them showed up. i think we should bill those people who said they were coming and then didnt. and though the food was great i dont remember ordering roast beef. in fact, i know we didnt. so why did we get it? it showed up on our wedding day is all i know. i'll get back to you guys when i have that answer. and then we had lots of people telling us how rude our wedding planner was. really? i dont care. i could have stood for one or two certain people whom i feel had a legitemate complaint about that, i.e. my MIL, but as for everyone else- its our wedding day, we dont want to hear that!!!! let me go ruin your special day with complaints and see how you feel! other than that, it was great and i loved how beautiful it turned out because of our wedding planner. there is no way that we would have gotten any of this done without her. i dont care about how anyone else feels. and i am so grateful to my moh and my friends and family for being there. it helped a lot that i had the people i love with us on our day. i will post pictures or the links when we get them. we had them professionally done so its going to take some time. and a late HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my sister heidi; it was on the 12th.


Heidi said...

I saw a few pics that Lynnette had taken. The wedding looked awesome! I knew you cried! I saw it in one of the pics, you had that tearful look on your face, how cute! Fuck all those stupid ppl who complained! It was your day and they can kiss it! How is your MIL? I hope she is sweet and nice and accepts Rowan as her grandson too. Email me the days you have off this week so I can call you and we can catch up. Luv ya sis!

Artangel said...

Congrats again on getting married!! So when did you plan to tell your own sister you've had a blog for the last 2 years?

Nataku said...

um, i forgot this was here and i didnt know you blogged lynn..